John J. Webb, Jr.,
CEO and Chief Systems Engineer
As CEO and Chief Systems Engineer of Instarsat, Mr. Webb has technical, management, and financial responsibility for Instarsat's work in developing affordable, reliable, high performance small space systems for academic, civil space, commercial, government, and militiary markets. Mr. Webb's leadership is focused on lowering costs and increasing reliability while delivering high performance spacecraft with the least technical risk with the goal of advancing
the state of the art in satellite technology.

John holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Elon College. He has authored papers on responsive space science missions, cooperative space exploration initiatives, and space economics. John is a senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and actively participates in other major aerospace technical, scientific, and professional organizations.

Advisory Board

Instarsat is currently in the process of building its advisory board, with the goal of seeking leaders with key and independent insights across business, engineering, science, education, and government areas that are core to the success of our space business initiatives.

Company Profile

Instarsat, LLC is a privately held space technology company that specializes in the development and manufacture of reliable, cost-effective and highly capable satellites for academic, science, civil space, military, and commercial markets.

Today, and in the future, satellite manufacturing companies must address aggressively the problem of exorbitantly high costs of new spacecraft if there is to be any significant impact on 21st century space markets. Increasingly, the space marketplace demands more cost-effective, reliable, and high performance spacecraft platforms for academic, space science, research, and exploration missions. Our response to this need is ExpressBusTM. ExpressBusTM represents the first in a family of uniquely versatile small space systems under development by InstarsatTM. Our spacecraft bus products address the problems of artificially high spacecraft costs and limited improvements in quality and schedule performance by leveraging our ability to quickly respond to customer mission requirements.

Therefore, as the need for highly capable and cost-effective satellite platforms emerges, Instarsat is poised and ready to address this potentially robust space market opportunity by providing unique satellite bus products that reduce the complexities and risks associated with conventional satellite projects.

Instarsat is dedicated to being a space market leader. To that end, we will continue to invest in research and development efforts that focus exclusively on delivering the maximum value to our customers.

White Papers & Presentations

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