Instarsat, LLC is an emerging Ieader in the development, manufacture, and operations of small satellites for Earth orbit and beyond that specializes in the development and manufacture of reliable, cost-effective and highly capable satellites for academic, science, civil space, military, and commercial markets. Our efforts encompass broad areas of interest, including: Space, Oceans, Energy, and Environment. To meet the growing demand for a new generation of smaller space platforms, Instarsat is developing ExpressBus™. First in a family of privately developed small satellite products, ExpressBus™ is intended for use in academic and research missions. ExpressBus™ is a microsatellite class platform that offers customers greater mission planning flexibility, responsive operations, higher return on mission investments and a lower cost access to space. Other product families under development include ScienceBus™ (small class spacecraft), CommercialBus™ (medium class spacecraft), and DefenseBus™ (heavy class spacecraft). These innovative space platforms afford a broader range of product choices for mission planners and encompass breakthrough improvements in cost, quality, reliability, performance, and schedule not available in the 21st century space marketplace.

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Instarsat announces its DemoStarTM Test Program   
Instarsat LLC ( announces the introduction of its groundbreaking small satellite test program DemoStarTM. The first mission is slated to fly the new ExpressBusTM platform for academic and research applications. The ExpressBusTM platform is the first in a family of new generation satellite platforms for academic and research applications.
Demostar Brochure